A Grape Design

A Grape Design offer products with fun and whimsical illustrations suitable for all ages. All of the artwork is made by illustrator Anna Grape, who is the founder and owner of A Grape Design. She lives north of Stockholm, Sweden and spends her days drawing, both on commission for companies, and for A Grape Design. She started her company in 2011, and it has More about A Grape Design

Acorn Design

Nina Bäckström is a graphic designer. In her studio in Sofo, Stockholm, she designs paper- and interiordesign products with a hint of vintage. More about Acorn Design


Aderelles is a socially responsible company that makes textile interior design with a story. All products are made at a sewing centre in Calcutta, India, by women struggling to avoid or get out of prostitution. These women get a seamstress education, a real job and a good salary. Each product is signed by the woman who has sewn it, which gives you a unique c More about Aderelles


Tobias is a Photographer that has became a viral success on Instagram performing under the name of Airpixels. With his love for landscapephotography and his unique expressions Tobias finds the beauty in what once have been forgotten. More about Airpixels

Alvina Illustration & Design

Alvina works as an illustrator and lives in Falun, Sweden. Her art often lands in imaginative design, clever little characters and nature-inspired patterns. Mostly, she does illustrations in ink and watercolor, both black and white and colorful, which is then printed as posters or motif on interior products. More about Alvina Illustration & Design

Anette Jakobsson

Anette Jakobsson, educated textileteatcher at the University of Uppsala in Sweden. She is born and based in Stockholm. In 2015 she started her own design studio with focus on patterndesign for textile and interiorproducts. Her design is clean, pure and graphic. Her collection is produced in Sweden. " Everyday things in my environment inspires me. I see poss More about Anette Jakobsson

Angelica Sollander

Angelica Sollander works as an illustrator and paper artist in her hometown Gothenburg, Sweden. Animals are her choice of motif and she chooses to accentuate their individuality in a minimalistic, Nordic expression. Every watercolor is painted by hand from layers and layers of pigment and water. When complete they are digitally printed on heavy and high qual More about Angelica Sollander

Anna Siivonen

I want my items to amuse and provoke feelings. I strive for something unexpected when I design, a new take on a motive, or maybe a solution that isn’t common, a combination of things that are unusual…. while still being comfortable to wear. More about Anna Siivonen

AnnaCarin Isaksson

Photographer AnnaCarin Isaksson sells exclusive photographic prints. They are beautiful picture landscape with a melancholic saltiness. Frame as a timeless interior decor and create your own world. More about AnnaCarin Isaksson


The BEdesign collection features unique, fresh, loveable design pieces inspired by nature. BEdesign is founded by sisters Bette and Cilla Eklund in late 2012, who have combined their passion for design and entrepreneurship to create aesthetically pleasing yet functional furniture and home accessories. More about BEdesign


BjerreGarden is in all ways in balance with nature. It is authentic, hugging nice and made from the best organic materials. All produced and made in Denmark, naturally... Responsible. Local. Crafted. More about BjerreGarden


BLACKLINES is the alias of the Swedish illustrator and graphic designer Shadi Khosravinejad. She creates stunning illustrations with infinite details by only using fineliners. Her illustrations are often revolving around the themes of nature and animals. Shadi is a young working bee based in Malmö with a bachelors degree in Visual Communication. Ink and pa More about Blacklines

By Bremmer

By Bremmer designs and produces exclusive lifestyle bags and accessories in high quality leather. Every product is made by and at an family business owned factory in Firenze, Toscany. The By Bremmer concept is to offer a timeless bag with all the functions and necessities in an activ everyday life. By Bremmer uses the best quality leather only vegetable tann More about By Bremmer

By Malevik

By Malevik is a brand by Swedish designer Anna Holmberg. The design work from By Malevik are inspired by nature and often very colorful. By Malevik creates graphic posters, wall papers and fabrics as well home interior products such as trays and pot coasters. More about By Malevik


By May is a new brand by Swedish designers Johanna Örn and Maria Bergström, both educated at Konstfack and Swedish School of Textiles. By May creates unique and functional home interior products with Scandinavian pattern design. Their passion is to create graphic and playful pattern design in redesigned colour and material combinations. Their products aim More about BY MAY

By Vogt

By Vogt is a Danish design studio that uses colours as main inspiration. The combination of clean lines and carefully selected colours creates the most amazing art work. More about By Vogt


ByWood is a new brand that designs and produce objects, furniture and interior objects in walnut and marble. All products are hand made in Gothenburg, Sweden. Only eco friendly material are used for the surface processing. The starting point for this collaboration was the love for the expressive beauty in wood and an obsession for simplicity, finish and det More about ByWood

Camilla Brøyn

Camilla Brøyn is a ceramist, working with porcelain. "I fell in love with porcelain during my bachelor at the Academy of the Arts in Oslo, and then during my masters degree at HDK in Gothenburg I specialized in it. It's hard not to be seduced by the smooth surface and stunning translucence of the porcelain." I produce everything by hand in my studio in G More about Camilla Brøyn

Camilla Eltell FORM

Camilla Eltell is a colorful illustrator and visual designer. She creates images, patterns and design with her very own expression - both graphical and arty. Camilla offers artprints and cards, wallpaper and wall illustration as well as design on carpets and textile. She also work with painting and her studio is located in Gustavsberg, a well known centre o More about Camilla Eltell FORM

Camilla Engdahl

After her studies of ceramics Capellagården School for Craft and Design, Camilla Engdahl worked with clay for years. Somehow, she felt it wasn’t enough and continued to study interior design at HDK in Gothenburg. The two different areas complement each other and makes her work even stronger. For a few years Camilla also worked as a designer at a Swedish s More about Camilla Engdahl


My name is Caroline Salde. I call myself photographer, graphic designer and creator: the work is found under the name "Caro-lines" - Carolines lines. More about Caro-lines

Carolina Grönholm - Illustration

Carolina Grönholm is an illustrator and creative artist based in Stockholm, Sweden. Although a constant creator of various art forms, her main love and work is illustration. Her drawing style can be described both as playful and dreamy and she likes to combine digital and traditional media techniques to create pictures of reminiscence. More about Carolina Grönholm - Illustration

Catarina Eden

Catarina is a freelance photographer who lives and works in Varberg, Sweden's version of California. This is where she finds her inspiration to create posters and camera straps which she hopes will bring joy and inspire. More about Catarina Eden

Cecilia Lood

Swedish designer Cecilia Lood finds herself at home creating patterns, especially for children. Her patterns are made with details, color and joy as leading words. If a child finds something to giggle or imagine about her mission is completed. More about Cecilia Lood

Celine Strömbäck

Celine Strombäck is a product design student at Beckmans Collage of design in Stockholm, Sweden. She is inspired by objects she finds, patterns and details in her surroundings as well as new and interesting materials. Celine creates her jewellery pieces with mainly recycled components. Often from computers and servers which has been outdated but instead of More about Celine Strömbäck

cjohanson foto

Cjohanson foto sells printed photographs. She creates her art with the motto to highlight the beautiful, transform the ugly and hold up the interesting in the insignificant. More about cjohanson foto

Dan Isaac Wallin

1996 was the first time Dan Isaac Wallin went in to a darkroom and everything started. He was hooked and bought his first Canon camera and darkroom equipment. After studying at two different photography schools, he has been working full time with photography since 2003. He worked as a freelance photographer , while also running a small analog shop and galler More about Dan Isaac Wallin

Details by M.

Details by M – Photo art designed to highlight the dynamics in every room, yet always focused on the interplay between the esthetics and the emotional impact. With great passion for design and interior decoration, the artist behind Details by M, Maria Bäckström, fully indulge in her creations from vision to reality, with exquisite attention to every det More about Details by M.

Diket Design

At Diket Design you´ll find the things that gives your home and lifestyle those details that just makes you feel extra happy. Diket makes their designs both with the most special occasions at mind as well as the grey Mondays as inspiration. More about Diket Design


E.Leijon designs ceramics, fabrics and trays for the Nordic home. The design is characterized by simplicity, minimalism and is inspired by Nordic plants and flowers. More about E.Leijon


EGNA Sweden provide high quality products for people to use in their everyday lives. The EGNA brand makes it easy for people to furnish their homes with color and functionality. The design expresses simplicity and functionality and the backbone of EGNA is the unique color scale with 17 colors, available on all products. More about EGNA


Ejvor’s products are made with love for creativity and creation. And for life! We love to combine fun, beautiful designs, illustrations and colours in a creative and playful way. We create and produce for children and playful adults. Mainly printed stuff such as cards, posters and party products, meant to awaken the magical power of imagination. More about Ejvor

Emma Eklund

Emma Eklund is a graphic designer with a love for paper. "Animals and nature are important to me and has often been a source of inspiration. To build animals in paper is one of the best things." With Papermals everybody can succeed in building their own animal and also choose their own level of creativity, with a high quality result. All products are made More about Emma Eklund


Way up high in northern Scandinavia there are people who share a special connection to nature. The indigenous Sami populations believe that all natural objects possess a soul that’s not only worth caring for but something to be celebrated—and celebrate it EYESEEi does. Swedish fashion designer Sanna Aulén founded the jewellery label in 2013 to share the More about EYESEEi

Folkelind Form

Folkelind Form is Charlotta Folkelind, calligrapher, illustrator and graphic designer. Through calligraphy, illustrations and thoughtful texts, Folkelind Form would like to inspire positive thinking and actions More about Folkelind Form

Forma Nova

Forma Nova is a company with an emphasis on graphic design. Forma Nova is located in Tyresö, near Stockholm and was established 2009. Terhi is the illustrator who makes birth announcement prints, posters for children, calendars and city prints. City prints are created often as a request from a customer. More about Forma Nova


Glimbling creates various reflectors - designed accessories where shapes, styles and functions meet with simplicity. The accessories are designed and produced with carefully selected European leather together with the highest quality of 3M reflecting fabric. Each reflector is a handicraft evolved from a close partnership between Swedish Design and Spani More about Glimbling

Home of Eve

Eve, the first woman, the source of life and the mother of all mothers. This is our driving spirit in creating and designing artistic jewellery. We are inspired by the greatness and beauty that is represented by all the women of the world. We strive to represent them all here in our home, the Home of Eve. As a fine jewellery company, Home of Eve only produc More about Home of Eve


HOW ARE YOU was founded in our brains almost 10 years ago, but it was not until 2011 HOW ARE YOU saw the daylight. Our philosophy is simple, we do this for fun and we only do things we like and hopefully you like it too. More about HOW ARE YOU

Ita Design

Formtokig grafiker med förkärlek för typsnitt och bokstäver. Skapandet är alltid närvarande. Jag ser det vackra i det enkla avskalade men gillar också det unika/personliga . I mitt sortiment finns därför en hel del personliga produkter. Alla mina tavlor går att anpassa vad gäller färg och format. More about Ita Design

Johan Adamsson | Art & Designstudio

Johan Adamsson is a trained graphic designer from HDK in Gothenburg and the School of Visual Arts in New York. He grew up in Stromstad but residing in Solna since 2014. Johan works primarily with the design of products and designs for the kitchen and home furnishings, but also as an artist and illustrator. A lively temperament, life and movement in both colo More about Johan Adamsson | Art & Designstudio


Jollygoodfellow is a duo consisting of Mr & Mrs Tanttu – Esa (graphic designer) and Lisa (art teacher). Since the start they have worked in the borderland between design, art and craft. Through various types of products the duo work with a graphic expression from the design to the final piece, including screen printing by hand. Since sustainability is impo More about jollygoodfellow

Kally & Birger Knitwear

Malin Lankarbro Freitas designs and manufactures all accessories at Kally & Birger Knitwear . Here you will find stylish and classic hand-knitted accessories made in a small scale . If you take good care of your accessories you can keep them for a long time and they will quickly become a favorite in your closet . -Hand wash recommended- All our products a More about Kally & Birger Knitwear

Karolina konst

My name is Karolina Palmér. I work as an artist and designer and I create art and illustrations. My company “Karolina konst” started in the year 2005, based in Kungsbacka in the south of Sweden. I have cooperation’s with companies as Dixie (they sell my products as pillows and trays) and Ikea (they sell my metre fabrics “Ullabella”). I want to pai More about Karolina konst


Kattvik and family Rösth In the old fishing village Kattvik , between Båstad and Torekov in southern Sweden you only hear the roar of the sea. It is also here - in the inspiring environment, the family business Kattvik Design has their base. With the joint work and creativity they sell their own designed, stylish and practical candlesticks. The family More about KattvikDesign


Klappi comes from the deepest primeval forests of swedish Lapland, north of The Arctic Circle. Kläppis products, designed by Emma Ebermark , has a clean design inspired by the magical nature above The Arctic Circle. The products are organic and Fair Trade labeled clothing for children and adult, attractive posters mm . More about Kläppi


Originating from love towards illustration, design company Kuviokioski is a place where stories turn into patterns – and patterns into everyday items. This is how these illustrations keep bringing joy to our lives. At the core of Kuviokioski’s product catalogue are personal stories and a simplified, delightful imagery. To stand the test of time, every p More about Kuviokioski

La Bohème

La Bohème is a creative chaos, a newly started old soul. Lotten is the artist behind the chaos, working with art in all shapes and forms - illustrations, handicrafts, collages, jewelry design and fiber art. More about La Bohème

Langaeble Stockholm

WE LOVE STATEMENT JEWELRY. Langaeble Stockholm is a Swedish brand of grand accessories. If you dare to make a statement this is the brand for you. Langaeble stands for fashionable design and a traditional craftsmanship. All Langaeble's designs are manufactured in Sweden. More about Langaeble Stockholm


Lumitoro Jewelry is about creating an experience for the wearer and her audience with designs that compel exploration. Each iconic piece tells a story and invites touch. By combining state-of-the-art 3D printing with traditional craftsmanship, Lumitoro create pieces that sparks curiosity and ignites conversation. It is the statement brand for women to ce More about Lumitoro

Lykalia K

Lykalia K is the company that creates interior fittings in wood with gilded details. Behind the company stands Kristina Larsson who is produces all the products by hand and stand for all design. More about Lykalia K

Memories of Sweden

We all miss the places we have closest to our hearts. Ibolya Vass is a freelance based designer and the founder of Memories of Sweden. The thought behind the collection is to be able to carry Sweden and your favorite places with you. All the jewelry is made in Sweden and worked by hand. Wear with proud. More about Memories of Sweden


mooncake is a new company from finland that loves happy interior things. The current collection covers happy prints for you walls :) More about mooncake

MOSH Jewelry

Sanna-Maria finds inspiration from music and architecture. She designs jewelry fit for both everyday and special events, for men as well as women. Coarse and bold, minimalistic but with the rock attitude! More about MOSH Jewelry

Nadja Wedin design

I get a lot of inspiration from the nature. Shapes, forms and patterns are all over, and also in the most unexpected context. Black and white drawings with a very thin ink-pen is often the startingpoint for the products that I design. So far it has been textiles, cushioncovers, trays, and wallpapers. More about Nadja Wedin design

Non Fiction

Non fiction launched in 2013 the first shelf under the brand Oneshelf. At that time it was the invisible bookshelf Oneshelf book. With that shelf, the idea of giving our everyday things there own place in the home or office. More about Non Fiction

Nordic Fox

Nordic Fox is a Danish design-duo that offers a variety of laser cut designs inspired by Nordic nature. Among their products you will find a line of wooden flowers that never wither – perfect for bringing nature into your home without having to worry about a green thumb. All of their products are made in Denmark. More about Nordic Fox


nouchii is a Scandinavian design studio established in 2015 by Laya Sadegh and Margareta Noyan. They create designs based on their unique patterns and illustrations. More about nouchii

Och form

Anna Corneliusson is Och form, wich means And form i swedish. She likes bright colors, straight lines and patterns from the 60's. In her store there are graphic prints that fits perfectly in the modern retro home and modern jewelry. More about Och form

Pargo Jewelry

Parisa Gol is a jewelry designer based in Sweden, creating modern conceptual jewelry collections. Her designs combine her love for Scandinavian Design with her personal and cultural background. More about Pargo Jewelry


Mix and match, create your own personal wall with prints from Pattern Plan. Anette Carlsson Moberg is the creator and designer of the creative platform Patternplan. Her colourful paintings are the starting point for the design projects. Filling a canvas with layers of colour and texture inspired by the landscape. Curiosity and exploring are the two key wor More about Patternplan

Paula Hagerskans Jewellery

Paula Hagerskans is a self-taught jewelry designer, which led her to find her own unique ways of working with the materials. Paula often sculpts in wax and make casts of small parts from nature. These then changes shape through her experimental processing of the metal. The design certainly captures the break point between raw and beautiful. www.paulahagerska More about Paula Hagerskans Jewellery

Per Svanström

Freedom, passion and joy – the reasons why Per Svanström has chosen to devote a generous part of his life to the arts. Svanström is a pencil realist from Sweden, currently living in Stockholm. Developed over a decade of experience, Svanström’s highly realistic pencil study drawings have become his signature style. More about Per Svanström

Plurr - From skärgården with love

Having dreamt about living by the sea, Jenny Findahl – a graphic designer/illustrator with a love of nature – has finally landed on an island in the Stockholm archipelago. Plurr is an attempt to capture the beauty of the archipelago – and share it. All products are manufactured in Sweden, with organic materials and sustainable production methods. More about Plurr - From skärgården with love


Puldefranck has a great passion for design in general. He finds it very interesting when different styles comes together. He's also a sucker for minimalism and believes that is design in it's purest form. More about Puldefranck

Sabina Wroblewski Gustrin

Uniquely designed paper and furnishing products produced with love for craftsmanship, quality and environmental thinking. The collection is the brainchild of designer and illustrator Sabina Wroblewski Gustrin. The rich heritage of the Scandinavian and Central European fairy tale tradition, the deep dark sea, nature and folk art are the inspirations behind Sa More about Sabina Wroblewski Gustrin


SAGA MELINA stands for great design and quality. We design unique jewellery with an awareness of the body and most of the jewellery's are related to buildings in different parts of the world that has inspired us. Among Sweden, Japan and Spain. All jewellery are handcrafted in Sweden . 10% of profits are given to charity annually. More about SAGA MELINA

Sagalaga Design

Sagalaga Design is scandinavian style products with the nature in heart. Its high quality textiles, trays and wooden products are inspired by the simple aesthetics of the nordic nature. More about Sagalaga Design

Sandy Stadelmann

Sandy is a passionated hands-on creator based in Stockholm. You'll find her execute spontaneous ideas and always searching for new ways to express herself - like the idea about products created with wood, one of her absolute favorite materials. More about Sandy Stadelmann

Sanna Wieslander

Sanna Wieslander works as an full time illustrator and artist in Gothenburg, Sweden. She loves to play with her imagination and combine different motives to new, beautiful and some times a bit quirky creatures. All her illustrations are completely drawn by hand. Most of them are made with graphite pencils and markers and are then printed on high quality art More about Sanna Wieslander

Sara Björne Studio

Sara Björne Studio focus on few items with good quality, which are made for extended use and are environmentally friendly. Jewelry with clean and neat design, made for the one who cares about style. More about Sara Björne Studio


SKANDINAVIOUS By Louise Vilmar is a home wares company with a distinct Scandinavian aesthetic. Creating products that will work over time and age beautifully is an integral part of the company philosophy and an important component of making more sustainable products. All products are manufactured in house or by select partners in Sweden and Denmark to ensure More about SKANDINAVIOUS By Louise Vilmar

Sparv Accessories

Sparv combinate the Scandinavian simplicity with a bold and graphic look. Sparvs vision is to make accessories that will easily add that ”extra” whether it is early morning at office or late night in a bar. More about Sparv Accessories

Stormie Poodle

Your Stormie Poodle garment has been made with the utmost care for your child's sensitive skin and the environment. Our production is smallscale and fair and takes place at Livslust in Latvia and Yalla Trappan in Malmö. Your choices affect our planet. Choosing a Stormie Poodle product is a good choice! More about Stormie Poodle

Studio Kajsa Rolfsson

Studio Kajsa Rolfsson create unique interior products with quality, sustainability and love of pattern as its strongest key words. Kajsa Rolfsson lives in the south of Sweden and lets nature and animals be her main source of inspiration. She wants to make everyday life easier and more enjoyable with the help of colorful patterns and fun products. More about Studio Kajsa Rolfsson

Studio Äppel Päppel

Studio Äppel Päppel is a design studio based in Gothenburg and consists of Erika Lindmark and Frida Nilsson. With paper as a starting point they create playful products that look just as good in the living room as in the children’s room. All paper products are unique and handmade in the studio in Gothenburg. More about Studio Äppel Päppel

Sunday Studio No.7

Sunday Studio No.7 is a small design company whit a big heart. We create our products with the human and nature i mind. We choose carefully the material we use and whom we collaborate with. Our products don't follow any trends. We wish our products to be used a lot and for a long time! More about Sunday Studio No.7

Svenskt läder by Anna

Anna Skoglund designs and manufactures all accessories at Svenskt läder by Anna . Everything is handmade and made ​​from Swedish naturally tanned leather from Tärnsjö tannery. The leather is naturally tanned and that means that the tanning of the leather is made with substances from the plant kingdom and is thus completely environmentally friendly. T More about Svenskt läder by Anna


Welcome to Sägen, the leading manufacturer of porcelain jewellery in Sweden. Our jewellery are primary made of well known Scandinavian porcelain patterns from the 1950's and forward, but there are also other exciting materials. They're set in silver, brass or steel, soulfully made by hand and unique - just like you! More about Sägen

Tian Gan

"this is just to say" is a shop featuring hand-carved rubber stamps designed and made by me - that's Tian, a graphic artist living in Stockholm, Sweden. More about Tian Gan


Tina Häggström is a ceramics artist and designer working under the name TinaKatarinaH. Her pottery sparks emotions, both on the inside and on the outside. TinaKatarinaH lives and works in her studio in the Gamla Hjärsta in Örebro, Sweden. More about TinaKatarinaH

Toril Bækmark

Toril Bækmark is Copenhagen-based illustrator and artist. Toril graduated from the Danish School of Art and Design in 1996. Ever since, Toril Bækmark has been practicing her passion, illustrating. Her customers come from all over the world. This year her illustrations were elected for American Illustration 34. To keep focus on expression, and simplicity T More about Toril Bækmark


Illustrator based in the south of Sweden who loves thin lines, the blackness of real ink, and has a flair for animals hand drawn lettering and recipes. More about Tovelisa


Johanna Svantesson is the person behind Tvinkla. Right now her series of baby animals and "power animals" are available here on Nordic Design Collective. All the products are available with a letter on. The perfect gift for the newborn baby or as wedding gift. More about Tvinkla

Viiva Design

Viiva Design is an Art Studio located in a small village in Northern Denmark. It is driven by Noora Lehtonen, a Finn who loves all things Scandinavian. Noora creates Art Prints from her original abstract paintings. She applies generous amounts of acrylic paint to create layers and texture. The changing of seasons never ceases to inspire her. More about Viiva Design


inspired by the art of slow living. sustainable, local, eco-friendly & authentic is what we strive to be. join the slow living lifestyle. be more you. More about Yndlingsting