Facet Ljuslyktor by Camilla Brøyn

Camilla Brøyn is a ceramist, working with porcelain. "I fell in love with porcelain during my bachelor at the Academy of the Arts in Oslo, and then during my masters degree at HDK in Gothenburg I specialized in it. It's hard not to be seduced by the smooth surface and stunning translucence of the porcelain." I produce everything by hand in my studio in Gothenburg. All jewelry pieces are made from 925 silver and are allergy safe. Camilla is norwegian, but moved to Sweden in 2004.

"Listen to the clay" That's a quoting that's got stuck with me since my education. I thought it sounded quirky and very hippie like, but the fact is that's exactly what I do working with porcelain. Clay is organic material, and it really takes its patience. People who know me would probably not say I'm a patient person, but actually I'm never as patient as when I'm working with porcelain :)

Facet Ljuslyktor