Klappi comes from the deepest primeval forests of swedish Lapland, north of The Arctic Circle. Kläppis products, designed by Emma Ebermark , has a clean design inspired by the magical nature above The Arctic Circle. The products are organic and Fair Trade labeled clothing for children and adult, attractive posters mm .

My name is Emma Ebermark and it is me that created klappi . I'm an designer with a big interest for graphic design.
In my design you can see the simplicity of the beautiful nature in Swedish Lapland. I appreciate organic and non-toxic materials to minimize Kläppis ecological footprint.

I live in a small village named Nilivaara, north of the Arctic Circle. Here I have my studio where I design clothes, posters, children's books and more. The inspiration I find in my environment , preferably in a quiet walk in our deep forests here up north .

Hope you like my products ! <3

// Emma